Crop Nutrition

Crop Nutrition

We offer fully customized nutrition to help producers maximize specialty crop production.

Southern Alberta is one of the most productive and intensive growing regions in Canada for specialty crops.

Each of these crops have their own blueprint for nutrition and we help producers both map the blueprint and meet the need.

At ICI we are proud of the extensive customization offered for crop nutrition. All nutrition requirements can be sourced and advised on at ICI.

Macro Fertilizer

Micro Fertilizer

Liquid Fertilizer

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We work with our customers to develop crop nutrition planning, highly accurate blending, as well as shipping and custom application.

Our 13 blending bins as well as our liquid impregnation system contribute to the optimized solution for each crop in each field as required.

The ICI blending system offers these blends within 0.5% variance of target so crop nutrition is met nearly perfectly every time a blend is shipped.

Our fleet of ‘rolling stock’ includes floaters, tender trucks and trailers to ensure custom application is ready to meet the needs of any producer at any time.

They really stand out heads above the competition when it comes to their knowledge.

- ICI Customer

ICI values people through clear and honest advice.

Whether it is direct to farm sales, pre-buying or in-season requirements, Randy, Bruce and Hal welcome your call to assist with crop nutrition decision making.

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