Our Story, Vision & Values

Our Story, Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide an unbiased, independent and high value ag-retail service to producers in Southern Alberta.

With the consolidation of the sector into large national and international players, local ownership and service has been lost.

ICI starts and ends with people. Our belief is every successful business ultimately rises and falls on great people.

We value people and we do this through a customer centered, continually innovating ag-retail business.

We are operating owners who live the mission.

We are highly vested in the success of our customers.

The ICI reality represents the vision of all of its founding shareholders.

Each one contributing invaluable insights as they ‘bolt on’ their own part of the vision and add their own insights to the project.

As a true independent we choose to work with all farms.

Not just one sector, nor one type of operation but all farms.

We believe relationships are what build trust.

We believe in building community and recognize that trust is earned. Trust is simply good business for everyone involved.

Core Values

Core Purpose